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                       文杉學苑女性大專生家庭式宿舍的住房資訊 / Facilities and Services at Wenshan Residence




單人雅房與套房 (附空調設備)、衛浴間、電腦室 (附Internet及wifi)、閲覽室、客廳、餐廳、茶水間、小聖堂、脫水機




週一至週五早晚精緻膳食 (週末提供三餐)、每週換洗床單毛巾、每日打掃清潔




Wenshan Residence offers the following facilities:

Included in rent: single bedrooms (with air-conditioning), bathrooms, computer room (with Internet and wifi), study room, living room, dining room, dinette,  chapel

Not included in rent: self-serve washing and drying machines for individual laundry


When you live at Wenshan, you will receive the following services:

2 meals a day on weekdays and 3 meals a day on weekends, supply of linen and towels

(laundered weekly), daily cleaning service

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