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                                       關於文杉學苑 / About Wenshan


座落於台北市區東南部的文山區木柵文教中心,文杉學苑是專為女性大專生和研究生設立的家庭式宿舍,距離享譽台灣的國立政治大學僅約 15 分鐘步程。文杉學苑是中華民國文化教育交流協進會所推展的計畫之一。 







文杉誠摯歡迎所有大專及研究所在校女生,可隨時安排參觀與面談時間,為了維持學苑的家庭、讀書氣氛和秩序,文杉期待學生遵守一些簡單 (像一般家庭所應遵守) 的規定,相對地文杉保證為學生提供家庭氣氛,優良讀書環境和高品質的膳宿。



Wenshan Residence is located in the south eastern part of Taipei City, in the Muzha area of Wenshan District. It is a family-style residence especially designed for female university students. From Wenshan, it only takes 15 minutes to walk to National Chengchi University (NCCU). It is an initiative of the Taiwan Educational and Cultural Exchange Association (TECEA).


Wenshan offers complete meals and comfortable accommodation. Moreover, it also provides a healthy learning environment and a warm, friendly, and trusting family atmosphere that promotes well-rounded personal formation. We believe that by doing so, everyone can grow freely and fulfil their goals.


Through cultural stimulation, Wenshan helps students cultivate a determined and strong will to help them set a secure goal in life, grow in spiritual wisdom, and provide them the chance to build lifelong friendships. 


In order to maintain order and the family atmosphere, Wenshan has some simple rules for everyone to follow – just like any normal family! However, it guarantees high-level hospitality services, and an optimal learning and family environment. We welcome all female students at the undergraduate and post-graduate level to arrange for individual tours and interviews.

Our  Juvenile Protection Policy  can be consulted upon request.

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